Sunday, August 27, 2006

The Scuffies

So I had a very delightful "Beyond the Basics" Knifty Knitter class in Longmont This past Thursday. It was only two students, but for it being still summer time that is a lot. These two students were great, very excited about learning new things and very quick learners. In my Beyond the Basics classes I always provide one of my patterns for free with the class fee - so on Thursday it was the "Scuffie Slippers" pattern.

After showing them the Purl stitch and having them practice that for a while, I showed them the chunky braid stitch (or 3 over 1) and then flat panel bind off. Since they hadn't taken my basics class, all they knew how to do was make hats. They had made about 50 of those and were getting really board!

Well, they left feeling like they had learned a lot and had already gotten through turning a heel on a Scuffie Slipper. They were excited about taking a Beyond the Basics every month and learning new things and getting a new pattern. I'm excited when my students get excited. I think it makes me more creative just watching their excitement.

Anyway, I started a pair or slippers in class and I'm giving them to the Longmont Michael's store for class display and to entice people to try a class. Since I've had some questions about these and didn't have any other pictures to show, I thought I'd post a few here.

As you can see, the Scuffies are pretty low in the back. Almost low enough to be called clogs. I like the design of these because you can just pull them easily onto your feet and they keep your tootsies nice and warm because they are so thick. The back is just high enough to keep them securely on your foot and the best part - if you make them out of Lion Brand Thick 'n Quick you can just throw them in the wash. Ever time they are washed they get softer and softer. Mine are almost worn out I've worn them so much :(

Here's the slippers I finished yesterday. I think you can see the back better then the picture on my website:

*note: The slippers pictured don't have the optional fun fur around the top edge like the ones on my pattern site. The pattern gives instructions for either version.

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  1. "The Scuffies: Another great creation. LOOM ON!!!!!