Monday, August 28, 2006

Clog Style

Many a request I have gotten over the past year of pattern design for a clog style slipper. The Scuffie Slippers are low in the back, but aren't quite "clog style low". So yesterday I finally sat down and put yarn to loom and figured it out. I'll have to admit, this problem was in the back of my mind for a while. So I think it sorta finally just resolved itself yesterday.

The nice part is there is no heel turning needed with the Clog Style. Heels frighten a lot of people (including me, before I gave it a good try) - so eliminating the need to turn a heel is always a plus. More accessibility for the not so experienced loomer gets people to try things they wouldn't normally. Hopefully, this pattern seems more accessible to the newbie side of the intermediate loomer :)

Anyway, here's some more info about the clogs:

Pattern Name: Classic Clog Style Slipper
Loom used: Knifty Knitter Blue loom (or any slipper size loom)
Yarn: Lion Brand - Super Bulky Weight, Wool Ease Thick 'N Quick in Color 'Grass'
Yardage: About 150 yards (1 skein)
Skill Level: Intermediate
Techniques used: E-wrap, flat panel method, increasing, gathered bind off, I-cord, and whip stitch

-And here's some other pics-

Above is a closeup of the stitch pattern - super easy and looks great

and here's another picture of them on the foot. As you can see they just barely cup the back of the heel.


  1. These are really cute. I complain because one minute my feet are cold so I put sock on then the next minute they are hot so I take them off. This is the perfect alternative. GREAT!

  2. Thanks, Looming Looney for the comment! I checked out your blog. Nice work! I added you to my blog list :)


  3. What a great project --- I have some left over yarn in the same colorway --- can't wait to get this pattern :)

  4. Hi! I've got a question. I just was gifted with some of Lion's Brand BIG yarn. It's rated as super bulky, but I'm thinking it's heftier than what you used. The yarn is almost as big around as my pinky. Would this work on the loom to make up your clogs? If so, do you have any tips for working with yarn that thick? Thanks!

  5. Hi Ashley,

    The yarn I used for the clogs pictured is just about that thick. I think that LB Big yarn will work. It should work up to be about the same as the yarn I which case - no special tips needed. Just knit as usual :)

    Thanks for the comment!