Saturday, July 29, 2006

Keeping cool with Little Waves

While trying to hide from the heat here in Boulder, CO (nearly 100 degrees!) I went to the cool basement, pulled out my looms and created The Little Waves Bag - with the leftover yarn from the Waves Shawl! If you've already made the shawl, this bag can be done from start to finish without out buying more yarn! Always a plus :)

Here's some stats on the bag:
Title: The Little Waves Bag
Yarn: 100% cotton - Omega brand "Sinfonia" Sport Weight yarn 1/2 ball
Yardage: about 200 yards (or a bit less)
Color Used: Azul Nordico (C816)
Loom Used: New Kifty Knitter II long pink loom (the smallest) used in the round as a single rake. This pattern can be created on any of the long KK2 looms as long as they have an even number of pegs. This pattern does need to be done on the KK2 looms, however, because there are special techniques for doing the flat bottom that is especially for the new KK2 looms.
Skill Level: Intermediate to advanced loomers
Dimensions: Approximately 6 inches wide by 7.5 inches deep if done on the smallest KK2 loom. These dimensions, obviously, don't include the handle.
Other Notes: Since this pattern is done in the round, not in a flat panel like the shawl, the lace stitch pattern has been altered accordingly. The finished look is the same as the shawlo. With this pattern, you are getting the lace in the round design, step by step instructions on blocking the finished bag (the key to the laciest of lace) and adding the lining.

Scroll down to see more pics:

Friday, July 28, 2006

Casting on again...

Well, in the last few weeks I've cast on a couple of new projects. One on the needles - The Seraphim Shawl by Miriam L. Felton. This will be my first shawl on the needles and it's a bit daunting. I saw this finished over on Tina's Pieceful Creations blog. Hers is so beautiful I had to make one for myself. Mine isn't much to look at yet, but I'm about to start the lacey bottom. Just you wait :)

I've also cast on a Waves shawl for a friend/co-worker. She saw mine and ordered one for herself in a striking Sinfonia red color. I like making things for other people as I get to use colors I could never wear myself. Me and red do not mix! The Cherry red Waves is beautiful, though!

Friday, July 14, 2006

Finished Waves Shawl

Finally some picts of the finished Waves of Lace Shawl. I took these picts myself so they aren't the best - but I think you can see it OK :).

Scroll and check them out!

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Vintage knitting

Remember that baby blanket I made a while back? Greg and I went to visit the friends with the new baby yesterday. So cute! I got to hold him for a while...until he started fussing...

But, after visiting we went to an indoor flea market where I found these vintage knitting patterns! The baby blanket I made was from a 1940's pattern and since making that one I'm totally hooked on old patterns. They just don't make the patterns today like that. They were way more intricate back then!

These two magazines are from a bit later. One from the 50's and the other doesn't have a date but I'm guessing it's from the late 40's. I have my Mom on the lookout whenever she goes to garage sales and flea markets. If you know any knitters, these make a great gift. I don't know one that doesn't love them!

Yesterday I also was working on my loom knitting website. I've added a bunch of new products to the Products section (including a new how-to loom knitting DVD!) and I also added another freebie to the Instructions & freebies section. I will be gradually adding to this section as I find time. I'd like to have instructions for the basics atleast and some more fun free patterns too.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Freebie Loom knitting pattern

Happy 4rth everyone!

On my day off to observe the 4rth festivities I did a little looming and came up with a free quickie loom knitting pattern. I've been wanting to make some little dish scrubbies for myself and thought - why not do it on the loom.

You see - my Mom is into the Country Primitive style decorating. Her whole house is decorated in that style. So this little scrubby was designed with her in mind. It's a little primitive style heart shaped dish scrubby. It uses yarn scraps and a little recycling to create!

The pattern is posted in the "Patterns" section of Make sure you right click and save the file to your computer.

Have a great holiday!