Monday, February 26, 2007

What's that I see?

...An Edging! On the Bed of Roses shawl. Only 16 more rows including the bind off row! WooHoo! ..But who's counting?

Of course, then there is the weaving in of the ends and the blocking of the finished shawl. But I definitely see the light at the end of the rose bush :)

More pictures, I'm sure, to come.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Adding to my "to-make" list

While I'm still finishing up the Bed of Roses shawl I'm making for myself...I'm already adding to my "to-make" list. I was surfing on the Craftzine blog (one of my fav's!) and came across this posting for a new free pattern on the Berroco site. Well...I'm officially adding both of these bags to my to pile.

The new one posted on Craftzine I have never seen. I've been wanting to try a felting project again and this one looks super easy and I love the outcome. This other one on the right I had seen before and liked but never book marked the link. Now I've bookmarked it and it's in my to-make folder.

This Brea bag looks just about the size I like my bags. And it's also a good cabling project...something else I'd like to do again. Stay tuned for one of these on a future blogger post!

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Update: 2nd FO for 2007

As I wrote earlier this morning, I thought I could finish this scarf by the end of the day today...and I did! Just a few more dropstitch rows and then adding the fringe and wah lah! Now my (and Greg's) neck can be warm in the cold Boston weather at the same time!

As you can see it matches my coat quite well. Even though it took over 2 years to finally finish, I'm pretty happy with the scarf. It's nice and soft and when wrapped around it'll be pretty warm.

Here's the stats on the second FO for 2007:

Needles: Size 8, straight
Yarn: I used two held together. Brilla Novitta in color #032. This is the smaller yarn with a beautiful sheen to it. And Online Linie 89 Jeans in color Charcoal (0003).
Yarn amount: I think I used 2 of each so there were 4, 50 gram balls
Pattern: My own. It's a variation of the loom knitted Power Scarf pattern from LoomKnittingDesigns.

Some other pics:

It's a tad bit quiet 'round here...

Well...I have a good reason for that. I swear!

LoomKnittingDesigns has MOVED! Alright...not LoomKnittingDesigns exactly....but the designer/owner. I (and Greg, and the cat) have moved 2,000 miles across the country from Boulder, CO to Boston, MA!

I know, I know. You're shocked! Who in their right mind just packs up everything and moves 2,000 miles away! WHO! Twice in the past 5 years, in fact.

And let me tell you - I HATE MOVING!

This move was easier then the last big one, though. We packed everything ourselves and rented a Penske truck and drove. This may sound harder...but believe was much easier! The last move was done in like 2 days. There was a moving company involved and a job on the other end that just couldn't have us there fast enough. Not good!

This one was more leisurely. There was a job on this end, too. And they also wanted me there PRONTO...but they also understood that we were moving all the way across country. We were able to get an apartment prior to packing up and were able to save money by hauling our car behind the truck instead of shipping it. Much better!

Anywho...I thought I needed to post and let everyone know I'm still alive and knitting. I haven't been able to touch my Bed of Roses shawl in quite some time....but, I am dragging out an old project to finish it up. This one was started after Christmas in 2005! I do try to finish things before I start other things...but this one was put down and never picked up again. Now that we're in Boston and the weather is bitingly colder, I need this project just to stay warm.

It's a Power Scarf that I am making on the needles. This one is made with a twist, however. Instead of the same amount of wraps for the dropstitches every time, I'm varying them in a pattern as I go. The first row has one wrap, the second has two wraps, the third has three wraps and then I go back down. The fourth has two and the fifth has one. Then I am repeating this for the length of the scarf.

This version of the Power Scarf can be made on the looms as well. Just vary the wraps on the pegs as described and it will do the same thing.

The main reason I need to finish this is I don't have a scarf that matches my coat. I'm wearing one of Greg's and his neck is cold! Since it's almost done, I can probably get Greg back into his warm scarf by the end of the day.