Saturday, February 17, 2007

Update: 2nd FO for 2007

As I wrote earlier this morning, I thought I could finish this scarf by the end of the day today...and I did! Just a few more dropstitch rows and then adding the fringe and wah lah! Now my (and Greg's) neck can be warm in the cold Boston weather at the same time!

As you can see it matches my coat quite well. Even though it took over 2 years to finally finish, I'm pretty happy with the scarf. It's nice and soft and when wrapped around it'll be pretty warm.

Here's the stats on the second FO for 2007:

Needles: Size 8, straight
Yarn: I used two held together. Brilla Novitta in color #032. This is the smaller yarn with a beautiful sheen to it. And Online Linie 89 Jeans in color Charcoal (0003).
Yarn amount: I think I used 2 of each so there were 4, 50 gram balls
Pattern: My own. It's a variation of the loom knitted Power Scarf pattern from LoomKnittingDesigns.

Some other pics:

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  1. I don't look in on your blog for a couple days and you up and move to Boston? Doggoneit! I liked knowing you were up the Turnpike in Boulder. I'm guessing you have a "real job," not just teaching KK at Michaels. Good for you -- keep us posted on your next projects. We're watchin' !!