Saturday, November 24, 2007

Fun with coat hangers - or DIY sock blockers!

As I was starting to think of what I want for Christmas ( family requires everyone to make a list every year!), I searched the web for links to sock blockers. Although I always block my other finished knits, I have never blocked my socks because I never had a pair of sock blockers.

These run (I've discovered after searching the web) about $30ish. 30 dollars for 2 pieces of flat plastic or wood? That seemed a bit steep to me...

So in among the Google results came a few DIY sock blocker links. The first seemed like too much work to me. It required materials I didn't have and was too lazy to go and find. Plus cutting and gluing...ick..too much.

So the second link I clicked brought me to this page. I looked at the instructions. Then I turned and looked at my closet...which is right next to my computer. hmmm...I have empty hangers and some Christmas gift socks already made (and in need of blocking). Not 1 minute later I had my first sock blocker made! The hardest part was finding an exact matching hanger!

My favorite part? They come with built in hanging tops. Wet them down and hang them to dry! Out of the way from curious kitties...

Friday, November 23, 2007

Flower Loom

Arriving in the mail sometime next week is an order from I haven't ordered from there in forever. The last time I tried to place an order everything I wanted they didn't have. The Provo Craft Flower Loom was one thing I had tried to order and they were out.

loomknittingdesignscom Little Stocking Holiday OrnamentI want this loom NOT to make flowers on (flowers? why would I want to make flowers?). I want this loom to experiment with making itty bitty things with. The smallest Knifty Knitter blue loom is only so good for small things. I have made small things on my super huge small gauge knitting loom - like my freebie pattern for the little stocking holiday ornament. But, that one you have to make flat and then sew up. No fun!

So I can't wait to get my new loom. I've heard I have to glue in the pegs in order to use it as a loom...but I'm going to try it before I do that. A quick search of the web shows only a few patterns (that I can find) using this loom.
  1. The first I found that is the most interesting is one from Isela - a mitten ornament pattern.
  2. The second is a beautiful snowflake ornament.
  3. A skinny scarf on the Provo Craft Site

If anyone has any other cool flower loom pattern goodness, send 'em my way. Otherwise I hope to personally add to this list soon!

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Loom Knitting How To : Knit Stitch Bind-off

See that nice neat bind-off edge on the top of the strap of the Classic Mary Jane slippers? While doing these slippers I didn't want an uneven crochet bind off that is usually done on a loom, so I stole a bind-off method from needle knitting. It has been in the Mary Jane's pattern all along, but just recently I had a request from a customer to be more explicit with my instructions.

So, now on the instructions page of I have a new free PDF of these more explicit instructions. If you've already bought the Mary Jane's pattern, these instructions may help you along.