Friday, November 23, 2007

Flower Loom

Arriving in the mail sometime next week is an order from I haven't ordered from there in forever. The last time I tried to place an order everything I wanted they didn't have. The Provo Craft Flower Loom was one thing I had tried to order and they were out.

loomknittingdesignscom Little Stocking Holiday OrnamentI want this loom NOT to make flowers on (flowers? why would I want to make flowers?). I want this loom to experiment with making itty bitty things with. The smallest Knifty Knitter blue loom is only so good for small things. I have made small things on my super huge small gauge knitting loom - like my freebie pattern for the little stocking holiday ornament. But, that one you have to make flat and then sew up. No fun!

So I can't wait to get my new loom. I've heard I have to glue in the pegs in order to use it as a loom...but I'm going to try it before I do that. A quick search of the web shows only a few patterns (that I can find) using this loom.
  1. The first I found that is the most interesting is one from Isela - a mitten ornament pattern.
  2. The second is a beautiful snowflake ornament.
  3. A skinny scarf on the Provo Craft Site

If anyone has any other cool flower loom pattern goodness, send 'em my way. Otherwise I hope to personally add to this list soon!


  1. Anonymous3:31 PM

    Hi Lisa,

    I just made a doll with the flower loom, and yes, I had to glue the pegs in first ( I think I'll use three strands of yarn instead of two on the next doll. I also made one using the smaller spool loom (8 peg).

    The pattern is adapted from Bev's Country Cottage (

  2. Anonymous1:15 PM

    I love using the flower loom! It's great for those tiny things you wish to whip up! The recent of which I have at my site: "Candy Cane Characters". These are really quick to whip up and so cute too!
    About the glueing: I've heard that it's best to have 2 fl that you glue the pegs in for knitting with, and the second you leave unglued for making the flowers with. (which I haven't done, yet, but I'm sure I'll try it sometime or later. :)

  3. It is a pdf file though!
    this is my original pattern for a bunny made on this loom.
    You can also make smaller sizes with the spool loom. :)
    I plan to try to make some other animals at some point and write the patterns down too perhaps this winter!