Sunday, February 22, 2009

Finished Octopus

My Octopus Socks are finished! I could have finished them much earlier this week, but got to the toe and then got distracted. I've gotta say, I think these are my favorite socks I've ever made. The pattern is so easy and fun to knit. The yarn I used is so soft and nice. And the socks fit so good. 

Sock Stats:
Pattern: Circles Socks by Anne Campbell
Yarn: Knit Picks Felici in Dakota (this color is no longer available)
Needles: #2 circular
Size: Made to fit size 9 women's foot. Used the same amount of stitches specified but used a size larger needle then the pattern states. I cast on once (and made an entire 1st cuff) with size 1 and it was too small. 
Notes: I added an extra repeat to the cuff and did 6 total. I wanted to use up all of my yarn but still have a bit left over. I probably could have done one more repeat.

More gratuitous pictures...

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Octopus and an FO

While I'm again waiting for my next sock club yarn to arrive, I'm making a pair of Circle Socks (or what I've dubbed my octopus socks). Octopus because the pattern reminds me of the suckers on the bottom of an octopus arm. A colorful octopus arm.  My next sock club doesn't arrive for a couple of weeks now and will be a package from Woolgirl. Of course I can't wait..

Anyway, the octopus socks are super easy to make. Simple knit, purl, with a few slip stitches for the 'bars' between the two. I've been knitting these while on the subway and was able to ditch the pattern within the first pattern repeat. I had some striped sock yarn laying around in my stash but didn't just want to make a boring pair of striped socks. This pattern jazzed it up without getting too complicated. I finished the first sock this morning.

I have also finished my Queen of Beads socks from my first shipment of the Rockin' Sock Club.  They came out beautiful and fit great. I haven't actually worn them out of the house, though...I have to get on that.

My next Rockin' Sock Club shipment isn't until March. Thank god I have another sock club to dream about.

Sunday, February 08, 2009

First Rockin Sock of '09

Over a week ago I finally received my first sock club shipment of the year. I was so excited I didn't even take a picture of the shipment before winding the yarn and getting started. Next month I'll be more blog conscious...I promise.

I have one and 3/4 of the second sock done. The picture above was taken yesterday morning - I honestly didn't realize I had knit so much over last night and this morning. I'm one pattern repeat from starting the toe. Woohoo!

But, as you can see, these socks are beaded. The pattern is called "Queen of Beads" and at the start was a ROYAL pain in my butt! The beads barely (barely!) fit over the yarn and were a almost impossible to get strung. I've made beaded stoles/shawls before and were so easy in comparison!! However, that being said, I really love the look of beaded socks and the yarn/bead combo on these is really nice in person. The pictures don't do it justice!

One thing I love about these sock clubs is that I learn so much with every pair. Right off the bat I learned how to do a tubular cast on that uses yarn overs. It was way easier then I thought it was going to be (once I got the hang of it). The directions that came with the sock was very easy to follow and I think I'll be using it for all (maybe?) future socks. 

Here's a close up of the beading: