Sunday, July 09, 2006

Vintage knitting

Remember that baby blanket I made a while back? Greg and I went to visit the friends with the new baby yesterday. So cute! I got to hold him for a while...until he started fussing...

But, after visiting we went to an indoor flea market where I found these vintage knitting patterns! The baby blanket I made was from a 1940's pattern and since making that one I'm totally hooked on old patterns. They just don't make the patterns today like that. They were way more intricate back then!

These two magazines are from a bit later. One from the 50's and the other doesn't have a date but I'm guessing it's from the late 40's. I have my Mom on the lookout whenever she goes to garage sales and flea markets. If you know any knitters, these make a great gift. I don't know one that doesn't love them!

Yesterday I also was working on my loom knitting website. I've added a bunch of new products to the Products section (including a new how-to loom knitting DVD!) and I also added another freebie to the Instructions & freebies section. I will be gradually adding to this section as I find time. I'd like to have instructions for the basics atleast and some more fun free patterns too.

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