Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Finished project and other news

Well, I finally finished the cherry color Waves shawl that I was making for a friend. As it usually happens, this one came out better then the one I made for myself. I was more comfortable with the pattern and into the swing of it more - I think. So even though it was on the same loom, the shawl I made for someone else came out a bit wider and lacier then mine. I can't wear red very well, but I think it came out nice. Click on the pic to see larger!

So now I'm wrapping it up to give to her and including a card with care instructions. A simple thing, but care instructions are usually the first question people have. This is a good thing to remember if giving handmade items as gifts or selling...

In other news - Greg and I went to the Wings Over the Rockies museum this weekend and along with the impressive planes and history, I spied something even more impressive.

In a model of a 1950's commercial airliner, in among all the little model passengers, was...that's right...a little model knitter! Of course she was a lot on the granny looking side (thick glasses and a bun) but hey - there she was! I was so impressed that: a) that they had a little model knitter and b) that I had spotted her among all the little figures. Take a look at the shots my friend took after my digi cam had already died for the day. Can you spot the knitter?

Still can't spot her? Here you go:

Even more impressive picture taking - if you ask me. We were stuck behind some velvet ropes that kept us about 8 feet away from the model. A good camera and a long arm did the trick. Thanks Will!

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