Sunday, March 26, 2006

My new knitting toy!

Ahhhhh....the perks of working at michael's! I went in to my Michael's yesterday to help out with the free family fun event they were having nation wide. I walked into the classroom and was imediately greeted by my boss the EC (event coordinator). After a few instructions on what I would be doing that day, she opened up her cabinet and pulled out this little beauty! It had been returned to the store and nobody new anything about it and couldn't tell if it was broken, or missing something, or why it had been returned in the first place. So, me being the resident expert on all things knitting and yarn related, she gave it to me to figure out and "demo occasionally".

I think the person who bought it didn't even really try it out. All the pieces and parts seem to be there and intact. I watched the video that comes along with it and it seems complicated but not rocket science.

My task today...getting it set up.

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  1. Anonymous11:53 PM

    I sure hope you have better luck with your machine than I did with mine. Couldn't keep the darn thing from jamming. They did come out with a new carriage, about 3 months ago, that I can buy but I like the looms to much. Lots of money to just sit out in my playhouse and not get used. Good Luck.