Friday, March 10, 2006

Hello world!

Hello world!

Pegs and Needles is my first adventure into the blogging world. Hopefully this will become a place to post info, ideas, pictures, etc of my knitting (both on the pegs and on the needle).

A little about me...
I'm 29 years old and I live in Boulder Colorado. I'm a trained graphic/web designer and interface developer - currently freelancing. I also teach knitting and looming classes at my local Michael's craft store.

I've been needle knitting since I was seven. I was taught by my grandmother and have been in love with the craft ever since. I learned how to loom about a year ago and I am still excited about where it can lead.

Here are a couple pictures to tell you more about me...

Here's our cat Yakko. We adopted him from the Boulder Humane society a year and a half ago. He's...well...interesting. Quite a personality on him. Lately he's taking to peeing (!) on our stuff when we aren't paying him enough attention. He's like a 4 year old in kitty clothing! Well, a 4 year old with his own website.

And here's a sweater I finished last spring. What I called my first 'real' sweater. Oh, and there's the kitty again. The sweater is made using the Ribby Cardi pattern over at Chicknits. I own many of her patterns and love every one of them! I read her blog a lot too.

Here's my most recent loom knitting pattern. It's a stitch I tried on the loom (Bobble stitch from knitting) and liked it so much I thought I'd work it into a pattern. I really like the outcome and think I'll make myself a larger one soon.

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