Saturday, March 18, 2006


Last fall I gave a family friend a pair of hand needle knit socks. She had just been diagnosed with a very bad form of cancer and I wanted to bring her spirits up. I gave her the socks and a nice card with a note of encouragement. The socks in the picture on the right are her socks - and, thankfully, she has recently been told by her doctors that her cancer is in complete remission!

Now as I just finished a large knitting project for another friends baby shower, I needed (yes needed) to start something new and quick. I had leftover yarn from knitting those socks and in the aim of reducing my yarn stash I decided to knit myself a pair of footie socks. Now you know I love easy-to-slip on footwear (scuffie slippers & princess slippers)! So I took a great(!) sock knitting pattern I had previously purchased and instead of knitting the entire top cuff, cause I didn't have enough leftovers for that, I cast on with a smaller size needle and worked the cuff 1 x 1 ribbing for 3/4 of an inch. Then I followed the sock directions from the heel on in the regular size needle. The result are these oh so cute footie socks!

The stripey part is made from self striping worsted weight acrylic sock yarn that I got from Michael's on sale a while back. I don't remember the brand name. The socks above are made completely from the same yarn. The grey toe end of my footie socks are knit using worsted weight Lion Brand wool ease - acrylic and wool blend. So, not a perfect match in leftovers, but we'll see how they wash and wear. This was more of an experiment and stash usage project then anything. You might see a post later in this blog whining about how they completely fell apart because of the mix of yarns I had to use. I'll keep you updated :) LOL


  1. Hi - I love your little slippers. very cute. I noticed you added me to your list of blogs on the right, thank you! But my blog name is american girl in italy. There is another blog out there called american in italy, so I don't want to be confused with hers. :OD

    I was also curious to know if you sell alot of your patterns? I thought about trying to do paypal to sell my projects or maybe some patterns (If I improve in my pattern writing. haha) but wasn't sure if it was worth the trouble for me - living in Italy - I am not sure about all the tax laws etc. But if I could make some faily decent side cash, it might be worth it... I would love your imput! Thanks, Sara

  2. Hi Sara,

    Thanks for leaving me a comment! My first one!

    I fixed your link. It now has the oh so important 'girl' in the name. Sorry about that :) I love your blog and it was a no brainer to add you to my list!

    I'll send you an email about the whole selling patterns thing offline.