Thursday, November 09, 2006

Inspiring knitting finds and an FO

I was poking around the web tonight and found some inspiring knitting and craft related finds. One of which is on my new favorite blog: Craftzine. I just picked up the new Craft magazine at the book store last weekend. The magazine has some great stuff in it. But the blog that goes along with the new mag has a lot of inspiring crafty posts. While browsing it tonight (they post a lot!), I found a link about the upcoming knit holiday stamps from the USPS. Now this, to me, is very exciting. Too bad they don't come out 'til 2007 :(

This post reminded me of Zia Sara over at American in Italy. I thought it was hers until I clicked on it. I love all of those cute hats. Sara's stuff can be found on here.

The last of my inspiring finds: a free PDF of knitted scarves from I was thumbing through my copy of this months Vogue Knitting magazine and saw an ad for them. To download this simple collection (most of which can be converted for loom knitting), go to My favorite of the collections is the Waves Scarf (on the left) - it has this subtle cabling all over. Beautiful!

Ohhh, I almost forgot. I finished this sock this week for my brother's Christmas gift. This sock is made from such fine yarn I thought I'd never finish. Of course the foot of the intended wearer is a size 11, so that doesn't help! I like the color a lot. Tweedy Blue! (Which you can't see in this crumby pic, sorry! I'll post more tomorrow when the sun is up!) I think he'll like them too. Since a pair of knit socks is all he asked for from me, they better be good! Only one more pair of socks (at least) to go for Christmas gifts. Then its on to other items. I like to finish the socks first. That helps stave off the 2nd sock know. Where you knit one sock and then start grumbling and never start the second.

Anyway...sorry for the crumby picture. Maybe I should wait til the sun is UP before snapping pictures of FO's.

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