Saturday, October 21, 2006

On (and off) the bookshelf

I woke up this morning, and I found the second snow of the season on the ground here in Boulder. Greg and I went out for drinks and some dinner in Denver with some friends and just made it home before the storm began. The snow is always nicer when you don't have to drive in it!

Although the view off my back porch isn't spectacular, I thought the snow this morning was beautiful. The unusually wet snow (for this area) was weighing down all the tree limbs and sticking to everything. I couldn't help but take a picture.

As I took the Waves shawl off the loom this morning, I realized I hadn't shared my latest vintage knitting magazines with you all. This was a few weeks back now that I found them. Greg and I were rummaging around in our local thrift store and I found them hiding on an empty bookshelf in the corner. At only 10 cents a piece, I just couldn't leave them there. This Fisherman's sweaters from the 1960's is my favorite of the lot. It has great cabled sweater patterns AND the best hairstyles :)

The pattern I want to make out of it is a little cardigan. It's close fitting, 3/4 sleeved, and simple bobbles, and Aran work. Classic enough to still be in style and stay in style.This will be great for fall and spring weather - not too warm.

Really, though...the smirk on the model's face seals it! And the hair which wouldn't even fit in my photo is a nice touch.

The other two I got are good too. There is one from Reynolds that is all "Icelandic" patterns. This stuff I have never tried so it'll be in my more advanced "will try in the future" pile. I've done two color work but never anything so intricate. The other one is a later magazine from the 1970's. I usually don't like these, but this one had some nice ones in it. The cover is garish and the pictures are cheesier then most - but nice patterns inside.

I also just got a new Knit Simple magazine in the mail. As I looked through it this morning with my morning tea I found some great things to add to my "to knit" list.

Above: Simple scarf but I think it's beautiful. Looks warm, too!

Above: Nice close fitting pullover with bell sleeves and collar. Simple but beautiful!

Above: Again, simple but beautiful and comfy looking ribbed cardigan.

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