Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Progress on the needles

Just a little "On the Needles" update - I'm making progress on the Ribby Shell for the upcoming wedding I'm attending at the end of May. I finished the back this weekend - you can see the back in the top left corner of the picture) - and all I have left to go is the front V-neck shaping. There are two versions of the shell in the same pattern. One version is for a flat panel version - this is made with ribs under the arm pits and a flat panel of Stockinette stitch across the front and back. The last shell I made from this pattern I used that style. This shell - as you can see from the picture - is ribbed all over. I can't wait to finish it as I love how the other one fits. I can't wait to have another one.

Also on my needles - a bolero jacket/sweater for a loom knitting board member. This is about 75% done. I'm using a vogue knitting pattern and it's coming out very nice. I got the yarn from elann.com and it's been wonderful to work with. I want to make myself one next with the same yarn! It's not something I would have picked out for myself - but now that I've seen it and used it - I'm hooked! Posted by Picasa

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