Friday, May 05, 2006

Fruitfull day!

Well, you remember that other teaching gig I mentioned a while back? Today was my first demo day at the new store. I tell you - I walked in to get ready to do my demo and there was already a crowd of women waiting for me. As soon as I walked into the store I put my stuff down, picked up the KK looms and went to town. The women were full of questions and were even taking notes! Most had a set of looms already and had been playing around with them but hadn't really figured out much to do with them yet. I took down names and email addresses for my own personal class email list and they all want to take my first class. This would make my first class already half full - and half full of people that are really excited about the looms and the knitting possibilities.

This is a huge difference from my Boulder Michael's classes. It's like pulling teeth to get anyone interested in a KK class - besides the kids KK classes. The kids classes are always packed! Now I'm excited about this new teaching gig. It looks like it's going to start off with a bang anyway!

Oh, and while I was demoing a fellow Michael's employee (the floral designer) that I also know from the Boulder store stopped by my table and wanted to walk right off with my mini handbag. She liked it so much I had to wrestle it away from her and offer to make her one. She quickly agreed to my price and picked out some yarn! Well, I know that she'll talk up my classes - and she's a great friend as I've already made her her handbag while watching a movie tonight! This handbag I made using the "Wesport Shades" color in Bernat Soft Boucle. This is the color she liked best and was already talking about having me make her a couple more in different colors. Posted by Picasa

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