Sunday, October 25, 2009


While in Maine a few weekends ago (collecting my blue ribbons from the fair!) my mom and I took a trip to Goodwill. I was in search of some sweaters that I could unravel and re-knit. I bought a couple. One 100% wool sweater that is all washed and waiting for something...not sure what I'm going to do with that. And, the one above...a 50% cotton 50% linen old Land's End sweater. Both sweaters were $4.99 each. Good deal for the amount of yarn you get.

This is my second sweater unraveling project. I unraveled one from my closet 1st...for the no pressure practice. It went OK....this one went better. It came apart much easier and I got much more usable yarn out of it.

I started itching to make a sweater for myself when I found a sweater pattern in an old Interweave Knits magazine. The pattern is called Ropes and Picots and it was in the Winter 2008 issue. I totally didn't even notice it last year...but with the new recycled DK weight yarn sitting in my stash I couldn't resist.

I'm up to just past the bottom of the arm pits on the back. The sweater is really simple but has very nice simple detailing. The picot edge is so cute that I want to put picots on everything from no on.

I may or may not dye the finished sweater a darker color. I kind of like the natural color but I know I'd get more wear out of a darker sweater. I'll see what I think when I get it finished.

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  1. I also want to put picots on everything, they are just so darn cute!