Saturday, October 31, 2009

Picot Progress

I'm knitting madly on my Recycled Picot & Ropes Cardigan. The back is finished and the I'm knitting the two front pieces at once and they are about 65% done. I love how it looks but I'm a little sad because it'll definitely be a summer cardigan. It'll be too cold to wear it by the time it's being October 31st after all.

The yarn supply is dwindling quickly now. After what you see in the picture (which I'm hoping will easily take me through the rest of the fronts plus have two balls left over) I only have 2 large balls left. I'm thinking about knitting the sleeves top down so I can stop and leave enough for the picot edge that will run around the front edges and around the top collar. I was planning on 3/4 sleeves but I think I'll cut it back to 1/2 sleeves (if not shorter) to make sure I have enough yarn. I'd really hate to run's not like I can just buy more. What a disaster that would be!

Doing the sleeves top down I don't think will be too tough. Reverse the shaping....but...these words may come back to haunt me later. Haunt's Halloween...

Here's a couple more close ups. I'll reiterate the fact that these picot's are TOO CUTE!!!

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  1. If you had knit the front panels first, you could just knit your sleeves until you run out of yarn. Looks great!