Saturday, July 18, 2009

Showing off July Socks that Rock

Rockin' Sock Club Spoiler Alert!

My Socks the Rock July shipment arrived this passed Wednesday. Earlier then scheduled. It's a good thing I feel like knitting socks again! I love the colorway but am ho hum on the pattern with it. It's a cute pattern but I don't think it will do the yarn justice. So I've decided to knit a different pattern. I'm making one I had just favorited on Ravelry the day before the shipment arrived.

First off...the yarn. The color is called Garden Haze and it's a bright combination of garden vegetable colors; red, green, and yellow. Very bright and not something I would choose myself, but that's part of the fun of the sock clubs.

The pattern that was shipped with the July kit is an ankle sock called In Season and is designed by Melissa Morgan-Oakes. I'll probably end up making it later - it's cute but I'd rather use the yarn for something that shows off the colors more.

While on Ravelry I came across a pattern called Show-off Stranded Socks. It's a free pattern by Anne Campbell (also can be found as a PDF on her website). This is the same designer of the Circle socks...which I've already made 2 pairs of. I find her patterns well written and simple yet impressive when they are done. These show-offs are so simple to make; I looked at the pattern when I first started and haven't needed it since.

So far the fabric it's creating is so pretty. There's a nice texture and it almost looks ribbed. Here's a close up of the pattern so far:

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