Saturday, July 25, 2009

Show-off some pooling

RSC July Spoiler

So I just finished my first Show-off sock with my July Socks that Rock shipment. As you can see, the leg came out one big spiral or colors. Not the greatest look. But, when I got to the heel it changed up.

I am liking the weird pooling on the foot. The top part is all red and green and the under side is all yellow. Then the yarn started to completely shift at the toe. The yellow began to spiral in the opposite direction.

I've started the leg of sock #2 and it's still pooling differently then the first. It looks like the leg will be another spiral only it's looking like a more gradual spiral. I wonder what the foot will come out to be on this one...?

The first sock fits great. Can't wait to get a pair (although I think they will be fraternal twins).

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