Sunday, March 01, 2009

Not Yet Baby Blanket

This blanket went on my needles in about August of 2007. It was always meant to stay in the background and only come out of hiding in between other projects...but a year and a half is quite enough. It needs to be finished! usual...I'm still waiting for my next shipment of sock club yarn. Rather then cast on for a small project I thought I'd make a mad dash for the finish line with this blanket. It was about 75% done last week. I'm currently working on the crocheted border.

It's a feather and fan design (with some intermittent rows of stockinette stitch) and the pattern came out of one of my vintage knitting books - a 1943 Minerva yarn pattern book. The pictures don't really capture how pretty it is. But, in general it's a super easy pattern and I think it will work for either a boy or girl (that is not even conceived let alone born yet). I wanted to make a blanket ahead so I didn't have to drop everything and madly knit...

I've got to say....I'm not a crocheter. I can knit for hours with no aches and pains. Pretty much the second I pick up a crochet hook my right wrist starts aching. I've been around the edge 1.75 times and I feel like my hand is going to fall off. Only 1.25 times left to go and then I have to add a fringe all the way around. I've sworn off any more crocheting for now. Give my wrist a break.

My sock club shipment should be here by mid to late next week. So I really don't have to crochet 'til my hand falls off. Here's a close-up.

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