Saturday, March 21, 2009

50% Majestic

Remember that pile of Majestic yarn I spoke about last weekend? Well, as you can see from the picture above, it was a pile of yarn. In only a couple days I had the cuff re-knit into a more suitable size. And after a week of knitting, I now have 50% of a pair of Majestic Socks done.

The cuff re-knit super easy (since I had done it once before). The rest of the sock, however, gave me a few fits. Parts of the charts, to me, are a bit screwy. The top of the arch pattern, has two extra stitches in it (which I still can't figure out why they are there) and the foot chart is written only for the small size which confused me at first. If not for the stitch counts noted throughout the shaping portions, I would have been working and reworking parts.

Overall, though, it's a great pattern. Very pretty! And I love the construction. Different then I've ever done before and they should fit a future recipient great. If they weren't a tad snug on my large feet...I'd be keeping them! Who am I kidding...if the color looked better on me, I'd be keeping them!!

Anyway, here's one more pic of the 1st sock. The other cuff is already in the works. Maybe I can get the second sock done before my next Rockin' Sock Club shipment arrives...cross your fingers!

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