Monday, July 02, 2007


So why is it that all knitters get start-itus and never finish-itus? Now, granted, I think I do pretty well in the finishing projects department. I try to finish things before starting new projects and I try to have a project in mind when I buy more yarn. This has kept the UFOs in check (mostly) and the stash manageable.

However, as of late I fear I'm catching a case of start-itus. I seriously am getting too many projects going at once. Well, too many for me. Besides the ones featured on this blog thus far (the socks for my brother and the Squatty Sidekick for someone yet-to-be-named), I also have a baby blanket (I promise it will make it on the blog soon) and now....soon to be...something else.

I was innocently surfing the web the other day looking at knitting blogs. This sometimes gets me in trouble. I'm always surfing around crafty blogs or on line yarn stores or looking at knitting patterns. This time I was reading one of my favorites, The Giving Flower's post on the Mystery Stole Yahoo Group.

Needless to say...I joined.

Now I have yarn on the way from and I'm already itching to start....another...project.

Maybe I shouldn't be so hard on myself. After all...all the other projects mentioned aren't for myself. 1 out of 4 knitting projects should be for myself...right? Right?

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  1. Oh I know how that is!! I have start-itis in my bones. Hey, a girl needs to be able to make choices, right? The more knit choices the better. I can't wait to see your shawl. :)