Sunday, July 22, 2007

Mystery Stole - Clue #3

Well, I always knew I wasn't trying to be perfect while knitting this stole. I know I messed up a couple times and I went back to fix it when I could. There was one row I couldn't find the mistake, however, and I thought it wasn't too noticeable until I took the picture above.
See the top of the first big point. Darn! Maybe it wont be so noticeable while wearing it. I'm not ripping anything out. This is my first big lace project and it'll keep the mistake as a "this is my first lace project" mistake. I'll just be getting better from here.
This is my stole at the end of clue #3. I'm starting clue 4 today.
PS: I really, REALLY love my new Addi Turbo Lace needles. They are delicious to knit with and really are speeding me up. I knit most of clue 3 in one night! The lace pointy points are a lifesaver when doing knit 2-3 together. And the smooth finish and flexible cable are great to work with. I'd definitely recommend them.

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