Monday, May 28, 2007

I've been bitten

I've heard of the "shawl bug"...but I never thought it would happen to me. Some people are bitten and are never the same again...knitting shawl, after shawl, after shawl...never satisfied and always inspired to create another and another. Until I finished my first big shawl - the Bed of Roses shawl, I didn't really get the fascination.

Well I finished my second shawl (pictured on the right) at the beginning of this past week. It's a super basic classic triangle shawl made from one skein (400 yards) of DK weight yarn. It was made on large (size 15) needles and has a beautiful drape and airiness.

The large needles made it a quick knit, 1 week, and therefore was very satisfying. In fact, I visited a local yarn shop on Saturday that I haven't been able to catch open (they have crazy summer hours) and have already purchased two more skeins for two more shawls. I've already started one in a gorgeous hand painted yarn in purples and greys. I literally can't wait to have another one in my wardrobe

Now here are a couple more pics for your shawl biting pleasure:

PS: you can also see my new haircut in these pics...super short for summer. With 90 degree heat here in Boston this past week...the cut came in handy!


  1. A little bird told me you had a fabulous new shawl to show off. It's definately a keeper! But, I have to admit, I was hoping it was a looming pattern. Oh well!

  2. What a gorgeous shawl!! I love the pictures too. Cute haircut. Waving from the Cape! :)