Monday, May 07, 2007

In the mail bag

After a long Monday at work (my day job), it's nice to come home to some nice email in my loomy inbox. Today I had two nice emails that have made my day! The first is an FO from Tamara over at Loomy Mama. She writes:

"I finally posted a picture of my finished waves of lace shawl. I love it! I really loved the stitches, it was by far the most fun looming project I've done so far."

Thanks, Tamara! It's great getting to see finished projects. She has a great new blog and amazing looming creations.

Also in my inbox was a wonderful thank you for my mitten pattern. This is my favorite freebie so it's good to get email from appreciative loomers. Even though the weather is turning warmer, you can still find the "Great Fit Knifty Knit Mitts" mitten pattern on my website.

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