Monday, April 03, 2006

New looming pattern in the works...

So I did some looming this morning. The funny part is I couldn't find my loom yarn I ended up using a small sock knitting needle. This worked fine as the project I was working on didn't require too much pulling and forcing of yarn over peg - as it sometimes does. Of course me not being able to find my yarn pick is now going to force me to stop all crafts and CLEAN MY CRAFT ROOM. I hate doing that. But, enough is enough!

The project I was looming on this morning is a new pattern for my loom pattern site. A sneak mystery peak is pictured on the right. Can you guess what it is? I don't usually use flash in my pictures - but here it was so fitting. It looks so mysterious...

It's not finished yet - I still have to write up the directions and gather all the how-to pictures. I'm excited about this pattern as I think it broadens the looming horizons by using alternative materials and creating things other then a boring hat or scarf. Plus this is a great pattern for the coming warmer weather!

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