Saturday, April 22, 2006

Activities and inspiration

I've been so busy I feel like I haven't been able to do everything that I really want to do. I just got a new job and with a new job comes all the learning about a new schedule - when I have to get up in the morning to get there, how long it takes me to get there, when do I get home...all that kinda stuff. Looming, blogging, and figuring out patterns have taken a back seat to some other things. Jeanne (a yahoo looming groups member) and I have finally figured out the correct yarn for her needle knit sweater I'm making her. I got the whole back done for her yesterday. I'm glad to
finally have that in progress. But...besides work and sweater I have been working on...

1) Stitch markers. I've always wanted to try my hand at these. They are super easy and fun to make. The ones pictured on the left are some quick samples I made to figure out construction, baking time, and materials. I like these because they are bright, fun colors and easily seen in your knitting. These aren't being sold anywhere - I need to use them myself to see if there are any adjustments I need to make in my "design". I've seen some cool ones around the web - so right now I'm only building up my inspiration level.

2) I've been "gathering inspiration" - as I like to call it. I do this in my Graphic design work as well. This consists of gathering visual things that translate into designs. In this case it's for looming patterns. Yesterday one thing I collected - not only for the inspiration - but for the needle knitting patterns it contained - was the spring issue of Interweave Knits magazine. There was so many things I started drooling over in Borders, I just HAD to buy it. My favorite pattern in the issue is pictured on the left.

And then 3) I am working on a little sleeveless shell for myself (see below). I purchased the pattern from Chicknits last summer. I love the pattern. This is the second one I've made. The first one I've worn so many times it's already showing wear. Very versatile - can be worn around town or to work. I'm going to a wedding in May and I want at least one new thing to wear!

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