Sunday, January 27, 2008

Progress on the Central Park Hoodie...and other news

All the pieces (except the hood) are complete, have been blocked as pieces, and are already dry and ready to be seamed up! WooHoo! I've already unpinned the sleeves and am about to start seeming them. The fronts and back are still on the blocking board.

I think I'll have it at least partially seemed by tonight. Then it's on to the hood.

In other news, I got my first shipment from the Rockin' Socks Club! It was sitting at the front door when I got home on Thursday. I took some pictures of the package. Since this is my first year in the club I wasn't sure what to expect in the package. Check out my booty below:

Of course, if you read my blog you'll notice that I don't do red or pink anywhere. The few things that I have made in those colors have been for other people. It's funny, I opened the package (in the elevator going up to my apartment...I couldn't even wait until I got home) and I I don't like red. I was disappointed.

But, then I took out all the contents of the package and read through the intro letter with the pattern and the yarn. It was about hating the color red and how giving this color another look may possibly broaden your outlook.

OK. So, I read this letter and was feeling better about the yarn. Then, I looked at the pattern that came with it. OMG! I love the pattern and I can totally see the yarn knitting up beautifully in that pattern.

Now I can't wait to start. :)

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