Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Squatty SideKick

Is finally felted!

I had started this project and just put it down prior to felting it. I was thinking that I needed a washing machine to felt it correctly...since I'm in an apartment with no washing machine I was a little discouraged. But, a couple weekends ago (sorry, I'm just getting it posted now) I did a little Googling and figured I'd give some hand felting a try.

To my surprise, hand felting this little bag was a breeze. I ended up using a mix and match process that I gleaned from several different sources (see below). I used the bathroom sink, as hot water as I could draw out of the tap (which was pretty hot!), an ice cube tray, and a small bucket of cold water.

The Patons SWS felts very easily and I think looks great when it's done. It only took me 15 minutes total. Here's how I did mine: I soaked the bag in the hot water for a couple minutes to make sure it was thoroughly wet...then started rubbing it across the top of the ice cube tray. After a little dunking in hot water and rubbing on the tray I dunked it into the cold water for a bit. After alternating this combo several times I rang it out carefully to check the process. After 15 minutes it was exactly what I was looking for.

Here are some good online resources to check out if you are trying this as home:
After felting, I wrapped it tightly in a towel and gently squeezed the water out. To block it I stuffed it with plastic shopping bags to just the right fullness and set it on my clothes dryer to dry next to a sunny window.

Next up is to add a lining. I don't think the pattern calls for it but I think it needs one. It'll make it a little more sturdy and a bit more professional looking. I'll post the finished bag when I finally get it done.

Here are some close ups for your felt loving pleasure!

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  1. Anonymous11:45 AM

    Love your site! This link on felting is fabulous...the article on fulling and felting is so exhaustive...what more would you need to know? Keep up the great work!