Saturday, April 07, 2007

Some FO's and other finds

I realized this morning that I hadn't posted the "finished" pics of my Brea bag. This is mostly because I'm STILL waiting for the darn handle from MJ Trimmings. I bought the handle that the pattern called for mostly because I loved how it looked with the finished bag. The texture combination was very nice. But, now I'm stuck waiting for a back ordered handle and my Brea bag is handle-less. So sad. So here it is....waiting. I can't wait to use it! I'll update you when the handle has arrived and is attached.

In other news, I've finished a simple little loom knitting pattern for a garter stitch hat and scarf set. This will be a super cheap pattern (or free...I haven't really decided) on my website. It'll be a super easy beginner pattern with all the basic stitches. I don't have many beginner patterns, so this one will fit that niche.

In this post I also thought I'd tell you about some podcasts I've recently become addicted to. For some reason, even though I've had an Ipod for several years now, I've never gotten into listening to podcasts on my Ipod. I've always listened to them on my computer through Itunes. I think now that we don't have a TV in the house (we sold ours in the move), I'm listening to more radio and surfing the web more. Podcasts are a good way to have entertainment ready and waiting when you want it. I like to listen to podcasts on Sunday morning, while knitting...of course.

So, I have a couple new favorites that I've found that center around knitting. I'm still discovering them so if anyone knows of any other good ones, please share! The first one I've found is called "Stash and Burn". This podcast is about needle knitting and is hosted by two friends that have such a good time while doing each episode it makes it fun and engaging to listen to. I've gone back and listened to all the old episodes and can't wait every week to get the latest. They have a link on the website to subscribe to the podcast and it's free. If you already have Itunes, just open the Itunes store and search for "stash and burn" and it'll come up.

Another one I've gotten into listening to is "Unwound". It's a bit cheesy (especially the intro), but the content is informative and the format is engaging. She has a caller question of the week that is different then other podcasts I've heard and it's a great way to get listeners involved in the show. This is also a good one.

And the third and final podcast I've been listening to is called "Sticks and String". I like this one because it's a guy that knits and talks about knitting from a male perspective. (I don't know why more men don't knit!). The host has a great voice (and accent) to listen to and his show is filled with good information.

So these are the podcasts I'd personally recommend. As I've said I've listened to these and have become a regular subscriber. There are many more available through Itunes, and I'm sure there are many more good ones. I'm adding them to my playlist, as I mentioned before, if anyone has any personal favorites they'd like to share...shoot it my way!


  1. Anonymous7:54 AM

    Thanks for the mention. But now you've got me wondering about the cheesiness of the show...especially the opening. I'd love to hear your ideas or suggestions. And I'm happy to have you listening.

  2. Kelli,

    OH no! I certainly didn't mean to make you "wonder" about your podcast. I think it's great!

    The beginning just makes me giggle. It reminds of the spoof that used to be on TV called "deep thought". They used to play "relaxing music" and talk really slow at the beginning.

    Don't change a thing! Like I said, I love it :)


  3. I love this Brea bag and it will definitely be on my list of things to knit! Beautiful job!

    Also, love podcast too, thanks for the info.