Sunday, January 07, 2007

Post Christmas Knitting

After Christmas is always a weird time to be knitting. I'm tired from all the pre-Christmas knitting frenzy but I have all kinds of gift certificates for local yarn shops or craft stores. Need a break but ohhhh the possibilities.

So I finally decided what to get with a couple of my certificates. I had to make a decision quick since it was for a yarn shop in Maine and I was flying back across the country to Boulder in a matter of days. (Nothing like a little pressure to help me make a decision!). What did I decide on? Well, I had downloaded a bunch of free patterns from and I had also been wanting to make a shawl for the longest time.

So I had this one (caution - I think you need to be logged in to view that link) on my list of things to knit. It looked like something I could I took my certificates and bought the yarn.

Lacey knits are always sort of disappointing in a picture until you get them blocked. But I'm very excited about this shawl so far - it's coming out well. So far the pattern is well written and easy to follow...even for a newbie shawl/lacey knitter. See the picture below of my progress thus far...

Stay tuned! I'll be posting updates on my first shawl's progress in the coming weeks :)

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