Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Greetings from Maine!

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas! I did eventually make it out of the Denver airport this past Sunday. My flight took off late and I nearly missed my connection in New York City - BUT! I made it to my family Christmas party on Christmas Eve and only an hour later then scheduled! Knock on wood for my trip back this coming Sunday. Denver is due for another foot of snow on Friday. Sheesh!

The picture above is my mom with the socks I needle knit her. She loves them! Everyone loved their gifts. The Power Scarf hostess gift went over very well. And the sparkly black Power Scarf I made for my Aunt at that same party was an even bigger hit!

The soft as silk Power scarf I made for my brothers girlfriend was also a hit. She's allergic to cats but wanted to curl the scarf up in her lap and pretend its a kitty. It was certainly soft enough to. The picture on the right is Sara and my brother as they mug for the camera with the furry scarf. It actually matched what she was wearing, so she put it right on.

So I'm having a great time in Maine so far. I got several gift certificates to local yarn shops and I'm trying to decide what to make. I've been looking through the archive on trying to find something good! Cabled sweaters are in right now, so I'm trying to decide between this one, or this one, or this one, but I really like this one. Any suggestions? I'm also going to browse through the lovely patterns over at

Tough decisions, but I great one to ponder for a while. I get to look over yarn and patterns and think about what will be fun to make for myself. I hope all you needle knitters and loomers got plenty of yarn and/or gift certificates. How fun!

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