Friday, August 25, 2006

Free Great Fit Knifty Knit Mitts pattern

I'm very excited to offer everyone a new free pattern for the "Great Fit Knifty Knit Mitts" that is now posted on LoomKnittingDesigns under the Free patterns section!

Since I couldn't find a mitten pattern I was happy with, I went out and made my own :) I was reluctant to buy a mitten loom set because I wasn't really comfortable making loomed mittens in two parts (one for the hand and one for the thumb). As a knitter, this process just wasn't right. I knew mittens can be made as a flat piece - I've done it many times on needles, after all. So, taking another que from the needles, I poured my energy into creating this pattern.

This pattern is only for the Knifty Knitter round looms (it can be made on other looms with adjustments for gauge). I figured most people have the KK round looms. I also thought it was important to offer them in a men's and women's size. Men are hard to buy for and hard to knit for - I think these would be a great Christmas gift for them. I want to create a childrens size, too - but I'll have to publish that pattern seperately.

Admittedly, this pattern is a little tough. That's why it's an advanced loomer skill level pattern. But I think the results are worth it. I tried to make the instructions and pictures super easy to follow - let me know if anyone has any suggestions for improvements or clarification!

Enjoy the pattern!

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  1. I've gotta suggestion: knit those bad boys in Broncos colors for the season! Go Cutler!!!!!